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Administrator feature

Maintenance is an administrator feature. What you do in Maintenance has a significant impact on the way TeskaLabs works. Some users don't have access to Maintenance.

The Maintenance section includes Configuration and Services.


Configuration holds JSON files that determine some of the components you can see and use in TeskaLabs For example, Configuration includes:

  • The Discover page
  • The sidebar
  • Tenants
  • The Tools page


Configuration files have a significant impact on the way TeskaLabs works. If you need help with your UI configuration, contact Support.

Basic and Advanced modes

You can switch between Basic and Advanced mode for configuration files.

Basic has fillable fields. Advanced shows the file in JSON. To choose a mode, click Basic or Advanced in the upper right corner.

Editing a configuration file

To edit a configuration file, click on the file name, choose your preferred mode, and make the changes. The file is always editable - you don't have to click anything to begin editing. Remember to click Save when you're finished.


Services shows you all of the services and microservices ("mini programs") that make up the infrastructure of TeskaLabs


Since TeskaLabs is made of microservices, interfering with the microservices could have a significant impact on the performance of the program. If you need help with microservices, contact Support.

Viewing service details

To view a service's details, click the arrow to the left of the service name.