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You can meet with the word "export" in various contexts.

Exported file
First of all, "export" is the data extracted from the data source (typically a database). Let's call it an "exported file"
Export in the UI
An export in the Web Application is a record informing about the state of the export and provides additional information. It offers also an interface for downloading the content - the "exported file".
Export declaration
Export in the context of the Library (YAML files in the Exports section of the Library) is a "declaration of an export" - a blueprint saying how to create a new export.
Export object
Last but not least, "Export" is an object in BS-Query application and its representation on disk. The BS-Query Export object stores minimum information in memory. Instead, it serves as a link to the data storage.

Data Storage

The data storage is organized as follows:

└── data
    └── <export_id>.exp
        ├── content
        │   └── <export_id>.json
        ├── declaration.yaml
        └── export.json
        └── schedule.json

  • content directory stores the exported data. This directory can contain no or one file only.
  • declaration.yaml stores all variables needed for this export. You will find a complete structure of the declaration in the this chapter.
  • export.json stores metadata of this particular export. It might look like this:
    {"state": "finished", "_c": 1692975120.0054746, "_m": 1692975120.0054772, "export_size": 181610228, "_f": 1692975170.0347197}
  • schedule.json is there only for scheduled exports. It stores the timestamp of the next run.

Data Source

You can see "data source" or even "datasource" in various contexts.

Data source
Source of the data. This is the original database or other technology that we extract data from.
Data source declaration
This is a YAML file in the DataSources section of the Library. It is a blueprint/manual specifying the connection to the external source of the data.
Datasource object
Object in the BS-Query application responsible for connecting to the data source/database and data extraction.


A declaration is a manual or blueprint for the system prescribing how to execute. Declaration of an export simply prescribes what should be in the resulting exported file. You will find these declarations in YAML format in the Library. Learn how to read or write the export and data source declarations in the this chapter.