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Standard Enricher

Standard Enricher enriches the parsed event with additional fields. The enrichment takes place after one of the cascade parsers within the parsing group successfully matched and parsed the original input.


  name: Example of standard enricher
  type: enricher/standard
  field_alias: field_alias.default

  - !DICT
    with: !EVENT
        what: "You Have Been Enriched"

Section define

This section contains the common definition and meta data.

Item name

Shorter human-readable name of the enricher's declaration.

Item type

The type of this declaration, must be enricher/standard.

Item field_alias

Name of the field alias lookup to be loaded, so that alias names of event attributes can be used in the declaration alongside their canonical names.

Item description (optional)

Longed, possibly multiline, human-readable description of the declaration.

Section enrich

This section specifies the actual enrichment of the incoming event. It expects a dictionary to be returned.

Typical statements in enrich section

!DICT statement allows to add fields / attributes to the already parsed event