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Overview of network ports

This chapter contains an overview of the network ports used by The majority of ports are internal, accessible only from the internal network of the cluster.

Internal network

Port Protocol Component
tcp/8890 HTTP NGINX (Internal API gateway)
tcp/8891 HTTP asab-remote-control
tcp/8892 HTTP asab-governator
tcp/8893 HTTP asab-library
tcp/8894 HTTP asab-config
tcp/8895 HTTP asab-pyppeteer
tcp/8896 HTTP asab-iris
tcp/8900 HTTP seacat-auth (Private API)
tcp/8950 HTTP lmio-receiver (Private API)
tcp/8951 HTTP lmio-ipaddrproc
tcp/8952 HTTP lmio-watcher
tcp/8953 HTTP lmio-alerts
tcp/8954 HTTP lmio-elman
tcp/3443 HTTPS lmio-receiver (Public API)
tcp/3080 HTTP lmio-receiver (Public API)
tcp/3081 HTTP seacat-auth (Public API)
tcp/8790 HTTP bs-query
tcp/8810 HTTP
tcp/9092 Kafka Apache Kafka
tcp/9000 HTTP Kafdrop
tcp/2181 ZAB Apache Zookeeper
tcp/9001 HTTP Zoonavigator
tcp/8086 HTTP InfluxDB
tcp/8888 HTTP Jupyter Notebook
tcp/5601 HTTP Kibana
tcp/3000 HTTP Grafana
tcp/27017 proprietary MongoDB