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ASAB Maestro

ASAB Maestro is a technology for cluster management. It is responsible for:

  • Automation of deployment
  • Management of cluster services
  • Monitoring of the cluster

ASAB Maestro was developed to overcome the challenges of labor-intensive manual cluster configuration. It brings several advantages:

  • Fast installation of
  • Human errors reduction
  • Consistency both within the deployment and among the deployments
  • Monitoring across all layers - hardware, containerization, application
  • Easy updates of

Overview of ASAB Maestro functionality


Our applications are deployed on-premises into customer environments, termed sites. ASAB Maestro ensures consistent and rapid deployment across multiple sites through extensive automation. Support teams can assist more customers using fewer resources as automation makes them higly efficient and all sites have a unified setup.

The system guarantees consistent configurations, spanning all applications, cluster technologies (like Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch), and the API gateway (NGINX). ASAB Maestro also streamlines the deployment of web applications to the cluster and handles the deployment of content such as database schemas, initial data loads, and more.

Cluster management

Management of cluster services is done from the UI.

  • Easy upgrade to newer version: ASAB Maestro introduces a global version, representing a comprehensive release version that delineates the versions of all deployed components and confirms their compatibility.


ASAB Maestro's responsibility extends to cluster monitoring. This monitoring encompasses centralized logging and centralized telemetry.

Main components of ASAB Maestro

ASAB Maestro Architecture

Diagram: Example of the 5 node cluster managed by the ASAB Maestro.


Beneath the surface, ASAB Maestro employs Docker, and more specifically, Docker Compose, to manage containers. Alternatively, it is also compatible with Podman, providing additional flexibility and security.

ASAB Maestro extends beyond the capabilities of Docker Compose without intricacies and overhead that may come with systems like Kubernetes.

ASAB Remote Control

ASAB Remote Control (asab-remote-control) is a microservice that is responsible for a central cluster management. It must run in at least one instance in the cluster. The recommended setup is three instances, next to each ZooKeeper instance.

ASAB Governator

ASAB Governator (asab-governator) is a microservice that interacts locally with the Docker technology. ASAB Governator must run on each node of the cluster. The ASAB Governator connects to a ASAB Remote Control.

ASAB Maestro Library

ASAB Maestro Library is a global open-source repository managed by TeskaLabs with the description of microservices that can be launched in the cluster. The library lives at

Note: Other libraries can be added on top of ASAB Maestro Library to extend the set of managed microservices in the cluster.