TeskaLabs LogMan.io

TeskaLabs LogMan.io is a software product for log collection, log aggregation, log storage and retention, real-time log analysis and prompt incident response for an IT infrastructure, collectively known as log management.

LogMan.io consists of a central infrastructure and log collectors, that resides on monitored systems such as servers or network appliances. Log collectors collect various logs (operation system, applications, databases) and system metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, disk space etc. Collected events are sent in real-time to central infrastructure for consolidation, orchestration and storage. Thanks to its real-time nature, LogMan.io provides alerts for anomalous situation in perspective of system operation (e.g. is disk space running low), availability (e.g. is the application running?), business (e.g. is number of transaction below normal?) or security (e.g. any unusual access to servers?).

TeskaLabs SIEM

TeskaLabs SIEM is a real-time Security Information and Event Managemet tool. TeskaLabs SIEM provides real-time analysis and correlations of security events and alerts processed by a TeskaLabs LogMan.io. We designed TeskaLabs SIEM to enhance cyber security posture and compliance with regulatory.


If you have any question or trouble, please chat with our support team online or drop us an email at support@teskalabs.com. We are ready to help you and we typically respond within minutes.

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