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Deidentification enables you to export any data for custom purposes, e.g. external analysis. Logs very often contain sensitive personal data about users. Use deidentification during exports whenever providing the data to third parties. Deidentification algorithms keep the granularity and uniqueness of the data allowing analysis of security incidents without exposing users personal information.

Use schema to apply deidentification methods on exported data.

Deidentification methods


Uses SHA256 algorithm to hash the value.


Searches for email addresses using regular expression ^(.*)@(.*)(\..*)$ ( and SHA256 to hash the name and domain separately. Returns not email if value does not fit the regular expression.


Is a combination of hash and email method. It applies email method but returns hashed value if the value doesn't fit the regular expression.


Hashes the filename, but keeps the extension. Allows further analysis based on the file types.


Randomizes the last part of ipv4 address.


Erases the sensitive data entirely from the export.