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Naming Standards

Product repositories

Product repositories contain source codes of the all components (data pumps, services, UI etc.).

Names of product repositories,that are always developed and maintained by TeskaLabs, always start with lmio- prefix.

Product repositories are not to be modified by customers nor partners.

Site config repositories

Site config repositories contain site configurations of every deployed component, base technology as well as Docker Compose file(s) for the given deployment on a given server.

Site config repositories can also be maintained by a partner or a customer. Their names always start with site- prefix.

Partners' repositories

Repositories maintained by a partner or a customer always contain their lowercase name after the prefix, separated by dashes.

Hence, for site repositories, the format looks as follows:


Where location is the deployment location (name of the company that manages the server). The location, if generally known, can be described in other explicit manner, such as build-env to signify the build environment.


Keyword environment is always shortened to env.

Keyword encrypt is always shortened to enc.