ASAB Maestro Library Setup

Library is a home for various declarations that describe the components required for functionality and their specific behaviour.

Maestro functionality is dependent and managed by several types of Library files:

  • The integral part is the model. It states which components to deploy.
  • Descriptors provide instructions on how to install each service.
  • Version files comprise versions of all software components, creating global version of each application.

All declarations and files used within ASAB Maestro live in the /Site directory. You will always find model files and application directories on the top level of the /Site directory. All descriptors and version files are specific for the application. Descriptors, Versions and Web Applications are discussed in further chapters.

There is one more folder in each application called simply Files. Files in these directories are sorted by the services they belong to. They can be referenced in the descriptors.

ASAB Maestro Library