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Using Dashboards

A dashboard is a set of charts and graphs that represent data from your system. Dashboards allow you to quickly get a sense for what's going on in your network.

Your administrator sets up dashboards based on the data sources and fields that are most useful to you. For example, you might have a dashboard that shows graphs related only to email activity, or only to login attempts. You might have many dashboards for different purposes.

You can filter the data to change which data the dashboard shows within its preset constraints.

How can dashboards help me?

By having certain data arranged into a chart, table, or graph, you can get a visual overview of activity within your system and identify trends. In this example, you can see that a high volume of emails were sent and received on June 19th. emails dashboard emails dashboard

Opening a dashboard

To open a dashboard, click on its name.

dashboard list dashboard list

Dashboard controls

dashboard controls dashboard controls

Setting the timeframe

You can change the timeframe the dashboard represents. Find the time-setting guide here. To refresh the dashboard with your new timeframe, click on the refresh button.

Note: There is no auto-refresh rate in Dashboards.

Filtering dashboard data

To filter the data the dashboard shows, use the query bar. The query language you need to use depends on your data source. The query bar tells you which query language to use. Use Lucene Query Syntax for data stored using ElasticSearch.

Moving widgets

You can reposition and resize each widget. To move widgets, click on the dashboard menu button and select Edit.

To move a widget, click anywere on the widget and drag. To resize a widget, click on the widget's bottom right corner and drag.

To save your changes, click the green save button. To cancel the changes, click the red cancel button.

save or cancel save or cancel

Printing dashboards

To print a dashboard, click on the dashboard menu button and select Print. Your browser opens a window, and you can choose your print settings there.