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Technologies in ASAB Maestro

Technology is a specific type of a service (i.e. NGINX, Mongo) that provides resources to other services.

Besides its main functionality as a service, ASAB Remote Control microservice extends the technologies and their impact on the cluster configuration.

Some configuration options require up-to-date knowledge of the cluster components. For example, if a microservice needs configuration of Kafka servers, ASAB Remote Control's Kafka tech checks where Kafka is running and provides the configuration.

Each technology is designed to provide one or many from following features:


Technology provides parameters that can be used in the model and descriptor during templating.

Descriptor section

A technology may utilize its specific section of the descriptors. For example, see Nginx tech.

Configuration of ASAB Services

ASAB service in this context is recognized by having asab section in the descriptor. See ASAB tech to know how configuration of an ASAB service is built.

Techs can expand configuration of ASAB services (e.g. Elasticsearch or Kafka techs).


    type: rc/descriptor
    name: ASAB Remote Control

        - "{{SITE}}/{{INSTANCE_ID}}/conf:/conf:ro"

    configname: conf/asab-remote-control.conf
    config: {}

    api: 8891

Adjusting conifguration of the service

Some techs adjust their own configuration based on the current cluster layout.