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Versions in ASAB Maestro

The global version of an application is specified in the applications section of the model:

  type: rc/model

    instances: {1: {node: "lmc01"} }


  - name: "ASAB Maestro"
    version: v23.47
  - name: ""
    version: v24.01

Version files describing global versions live in /Site/<application name>/Versions directory of the Library. E.g. there is a /Site/ASAB Maestro/Versions directory for ASAB Maestro application.

The version file v24.01.yaml might look like this:

  type: rc/version
  product: ASAB Maestro
  version: v24.01

  zookeeper: '3.9'
  asab-remote-control: latest
  asab-governator: stable
  asab-library: v23.15-beta
  asab-config: v23.45
  seacat-auth: v23.47
  asab-iris: v23.31-alpha
  nginx: '1.25.2'
  elasticsearch: '7.17.12'
  mongo: '7.0.1'
  kibana: '7.17.2'
  influxdb: '2.7.1'
  telegraf: '1.28.2'
  grafana: '10.0.8'
  kafdrop: '4.0.0'
  kafka: '7.5.1'
  jupyter: "lab-4.0.9"

  webapp seacat-auth: v23.29-beta

The define section specifies file type and provides more information about it. It can also serve to store comments and notes.

versions section takes names of the services as keys and their versions as values. Those are versions of respective docker images. A special records in this list are web applications. Use webapp keyword to assign a version for specific web application. If the version is not specified, latest verion is used.