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Collecting events from Zabbix


This option is available from version v23.09 onwards.

TeskaLabs Collector can collect events from Zabbix through Zabbix API. The Zabbix input collects both history (first making calls to hosts and items) and events: Collector Input setup

The input named input:Zabbix: needs to be provided in the Collector YAML configuration:

  auth: <AUTH>
  encoding:  # optional: encoding of the Zabbix API request (default: utf-8)
  sleep:  # optional: sleep in seconds between idividual requests to API, higher value means less requests, but bigger CPU load on Zabbix servers (default: 60)
  refresh:  # optional: refresh of host and items/new metrics in seconds (default: 900)
  max_requests:  # optional: maximum requests made AT ONCE to the Zabbox API (default: 100)
  output: <OUTPUT>
  • <ZABBIX_API_URL> is a url to Zabbix API, usually https://<ZABBIX>/api_jsonrpc.php
  • <AUTH> is the Zabbix API authorization token
  • <OUTPUT> is the ID of the desired output within the Collector YAML configuration