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Auth: Controlling user access

Administrator feature

Auth is an administrator feature. It has a significant impact on the people using TeskaLabs Some users don't have access to the Auth pages.

The Auth (authorization) section includes all the controls administrators need to manage users and tenants.


Credentials are users. From the Credentials screen, you can see:

  • Name: The username that someone uses to log in
  • Tenants: The tenants this user has access to
  • Roles: The set of permissions this user has (see Roles)

Creating new credentials

1. To create a new user, click Create new credentials.

2. In the Create tab, enter a username. If you want to send the person an email inviting them to reset their password, enter their email address and check Send instructions to set password.

new credentials new credentials

3. Click Create credentials.

The new credentials appear in the Credentials list. If you checked Send instructions to set password, the new user should recieve an email.

Editing credentials

To edit a credential, click on a username, and click Edit in the section you want to change. Remember to click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to exit the editor.


A tenant is one entity collecting data from a group of sources. Each tenant has an isolated space to collect and manage its data. (Every tenant's data is completely separated from all other tenants' data in the UI.) One deployment of TeskaLabs can handle many tenants (mutlitenancy).

As a user, your company might be just one tenant, or you might have different tenants for different departments. If you're a distributor, each of your clients has at least one tenant.

One tenant can be accessible by multiple users, and users can have access to multiple tenants. You can control which users can access which tenants by assigning credentials to tentants or vice-versa.


Resources are the most basic unit of authorization. They are single and specific access permissions.


  • Being able to access dashboards from a certain data source
  • Being able to delete tenants
  • Being able to make changes in the Library


A role is a container for resources. You can create a role to include any combination of resources, so a role is a set of permissions.


Clients are additonal applications that are accessing TeskaLabs to support its functioning.


Removing a client could interrupt essential program functions.


Sessions are active login periods currently running.

Ways to end a session:

  • Click on the red X on the session's line on the Sessions page.
  • Click on the session's name, then click Terminate session
  • To terminate all sessions (logging all users out), click Terminate all on the Sessions page.


The Auth module uses TeskaLabs SeaCat Auth. To learn more, you can read its documentation or take a look at its repository on GitHub.