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Collecting into lookups


To periodically collect lookups from files such as CSV, use the input:FileBlock: input with following configuration:

path:  # Specify the lookup folder, where the file lookup will be stored (f. e. /data/lookups/mylookup/*)
chilldown_period:  # Specify how often in seconds to check for new files (default: 5)

FileBlock reads all files in one block (one event is the entire file content) and passes it to configured output, which is usually output:WebSocket.

In such a way, the lookup is passed to Receiver, and, eventually, to Parser, where the lookup can be processed and stored in Elasticsearch. See Parsing lookups for more information.

Sample configuration

  path: /data/lookups/mylookup/*
  chilldown_period: 10
  output: LookupOutput

  url: https://lm1/files-ingestor-ws