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Hardware for TeskaLabs

This is a hardware specification designed for vertical scalability. It is optimised for those who plan to built an initial TeskaLabs cluster with the lower possible cost yet with the possibility to add more hardware gradually as the cluster grows. This specification is also fully compatible with the horizontal scalability strategy, which means adding one or more new server node to the cluster.


  • Chasis: 2U
  • Front HDD trays: 12 drive bays, 3.5", for Data HDDs, hot-swap
  • Rear HDD trays: 2 drive bays, 2.5", for OS HDDs, hot-swap
  • CPU: 1x AMD EPYC 32 Cores
  • RAM: 256GB DDR4 3200, using 64GB modules
  • Data SSD: 2x 4TB SSD NVMe, PCIe 3.0+
  • Data SSD controller: NVMe PCIe 3.0+ riser card, no RAID; or use motherboard NVMe slots
  • Data HDD: 3x 20TB SATA 2/3+ or SAS 1/2/3+, 6+ Gb/s, 7200 rpm
  • Data HDD controller: HBA or IT mode card, SATA or SAS, JBOD, no RAID, hot-swap
  • OS HDD: 2x 256GB+ SSD SATA 2/3+, HBA, no RAID, directly attached to motherboard SATA
  • Network: 2x 1Gbps+ Ethernet NIC; or 1x dual port
  • Power supply: Redundant 920W
  • IPMI or equivalent


RAID is implemented in software/OS.

Vertical scalability

  • Add one more CPU (2 CPUs in total), a motherboard with 2 CPU slots is required for this option
  • Add RAM up to 512GB
  • Add up to 9 additional Data HDDs, maximum 220 TB space using 12x 20 TB HDDs in RAID5


3U and 4U variants are also available with 16 respective 24 drive bays.

Last update: Dec 2023