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ASAB Services within ASAB Maestro

Configuration of ASAB Services

This technology provides every ASAB service with its specific configuration.

asab section must be specified in the descriptor. The asab section requires:

  • configname - Name of the configuration file that corresponds with the Dockerfile of the service and mapping of the volumes (Dockerfiles are not covered by the ASAB Maestro at all.)
  • config - Specific configuration required on the top of the general and generated configuration written in YAML format.
    type: rc/descriptor
    name: ASAB Remote Control

        - "{{SITE}}/{{INSTANCE_ID}}/conf:/conf:ro"

    configname: conf/asab-remote-control.conf
    config: {}

The configuration is being composed in this order:

  • The most important is the generated configuration and it overrides any other. This is the configuration provided from the cluster technologies.
  • Second is the service configuration governed by ASAB Config, editable from the Web UI.
  • General configuration is also inside ASAB Config and reachable from Web UI. This configuration is common for all ASAB Services. It consists of Library and SMTP Server configuration.
  • Configuration present in the model. Instance configuration overrides service configuration.
  • Configuration from the descriptor of the service.
  • Last but not least is the default configuration. It ensures that the service gets connected to Library.
        "library": {
            "providers": [