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Enrichers supplement the parsed event with extra data.

An enricher can:

  1. Create a new field in the event.
  2. Transform a field's values in some way (changing a letter case, performing a calculation, etc).

Enrichers are most commonly used to:

  1. Specify the dataset where the logs will be stored in ElasticSearch (add the field event.dataset).
  2. Obtain facility and severity from the syslog priority field.
    type: parsec/enricher

    event.dataset: <dataset_name>
    new.field: <expression>
  • Write enrichers in YAML.
  • Specify parsec/enricher in the define field.

The following example is enricher used for events in syslog format. Suppose you have parser for the events of the form:

<14>1 2023-05-03 15:06:12 server pid: Username 'HarryPotter' logged in.
The event is in the form:

    "log.syslog.priority": 14,
    "": "HarryPotter"

You want to obtain syslog severity and facility, which are computed in the standard way:

(facility * 8) + severity = priority

You would also like to lower the name HarryPotter to harrypotter in order to unify the users across various log sources.

Therefore, you create an enricher:

type: parsec/enricher

    event.dataset: 'dataset_name' !LOWER { what: !GET {from: !ARG EVENT, what:} }

    # facility and severity are computed from 'syslog.pri' in the standard way
    log.syslog.facility.code: !SHR
            what: !GET { from: !ARG EVENT, what: log.syslog.priority }
            by: 3
    log.syslog.severity.code: !AND [ !GET {from: !ARG EVENT, what: log.syslog.priority}, 7 ]