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Details of container types¤


The list represents a finite number of ordered items, where the same item may occur more than once.

List schema


The set is a composition of the Internal list and the hash table.

Set schema


The dict (aka dictionary) is a composition of the set (itself a hash table and a list) of keys (called Key set with Key list ) and a list of values (called Value list).

Dict schema

Hash table¤

Set and Dict types uses a hash table.

Hash table

The hash table is designed so that it maps the 64bit hash of the key directly into an index of the item. The perfect hash strategy is applied so no collision resolution is implemented for a constructed hash table. If a hash table constructing algorithm detects a colision, the algorithm is restarted with a different seed value. This approach leverages relatively rate xxhash64 collision rate.

A hash table can be (lazily) generated only when it is needed (e.g. for !IN and !GET expressions). This applies for objects created dynamically during runtime. Static sets a dictionaries provide a prepared hash table.

A hash table is searched using a binary search.

The used hashing function are:

  • XXH3 64bit with seed for str
  • xor with seed for si64, si32, si16, si8, ui64, ui32, si16, ui8