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SP-Lang directives are expanded during compilation. They are not expressions.

!INCLUDE: Insert the content of another file¤

Type: Scalar, Directive.

The !INCLUDE directive is used to paste a content of given file into current file. If included file is not found, SP-Lang renders error.


!INCLUDE <filename>

The filename is a name of the file in the library to be included.

It could be:

  • an absolute path, starting with / from the root of the library,
  • an relative path to the location of the file containing !INCLUDE statement

.yaml extension is optional and will be added to the filename if missing.


!INCLUDE other_file.yaml

This is a simple inclusion of the other_file.yaml.

what: !GET {...}
  'group1': !INCLUDE inc_group1
  'group2': !INCLUDE inc_group2

In this example, !INCLUDE is used to decompose a larger expression into a logically separated files.