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Utility expressions¤

!CAST: Convert type of the argument into another¤

Type: Mapping.


what: <input>
type: <type>

Explicitly convert type of what into the type of type.

SP-Lang automatically converts types of arguments so that the user doesn't need to think about types at all. This feature is called implicit casting.

In case of explicit need for a type conversion, use !CAST expression. It is very powerful method that do a lot of heavy-lifting.

For more details, see chapter about types.


what: "10.3"
type: fp64

This is an explicit casting of the string into a floating-point number.

!HASH: Calculate a digest¤

Type: Mapping.


what: <input>
seed: <integer>
type: <type of hash>

Calculate the hash for an what value.

seed specifies the initial hash seed.

type specifies a hashing function, the default value is XXH64.

Supported hashing functions¤

  • XXH64: xxHash, 64bit, non-cryptografic, extremely fast hash algorithm
  • XXH3: xxHash, 64bit, non-cryptografic, futher optimized for small inputs

More information about xxHash are at


what: "Hello world!"
seed: 5

!DEBUG: Debug the expression¤

Print the content of the input and pass the value unchanged on the output.

Type: Mapping.