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OAuth2 introspection

Set up OAuth2 introspection for a web application

First, register your web application in the Client section of SeaCat UI. You will obtain client_id necessary for the introspection request.

Set up a location for your application in the Nginx configuration:


    auth_request        /_oauth2_introspect;
    auth_request_set    $authorization $upstream_http_authorization;
    proxy_set_header    Authorization $authorization;

    error_page 401 /auth/api/openidconnect/authorize?<CLIENT_PARAMETERS>&redirect_uri=$request_uri;
  • <APPLICATION_PATH> is the path where your application will be accessible to users.
  • <INTERNAL_APPLICATION_URL> is the internal URL of your application server.
  • <CLIENT_PARAMETERS> is a query string of your registered client parameters, usually including client_id, response_type, scope. Note that more parameters, such as client_secret, may be required depending on the type and configuration of your client. Example path with minimal parameters: /auth/api/openidconnect/authorize?client_id=abc1230ZM3n37BmbtKrqqw&response_type=code&scope=openid&redirect_uri=$request_uri