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Resource-based Access Control (RBAC)



  • A set of credentials typically corresponds to a user account, but they can be also machine-to-machine credentials.


  • Tenant is "a group of users who share a common access with specific privileges to a software instance".
  • It can be a company, a department, a team etc.
  • By definition, a tenant can have multiple users (sets of credentials).
  • A user can join several tenants.


  • Role is a named set of resources, it is used to grant user access to those resources.
  • A user can have multiple roles.
  • A role can be assigned to multiple users.
  • Tenant roles are valid only for one specific tenant.
  • Global roles are valid across all tenants.


  • Resource is an identifier of an actual software resource or an action performed on that resource.
  • Having access to a resource means having rights to what it represents (blog:post:create, my-repository:write, my-app:access etc.)
  • Any resource can be assigned to several roles.
  • A role can have multiple resources.
  • Resources cannot be assigned directly to credentials; credentials can have access to a resource only through a role.