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TheHive and TeskaLabs SeaCat Auth

This is a guide to configuring TheHive to use SeaCat Auth as its Single Sign-on (SSO) OAuth2 provider.



auth {
    providers: [
        {name: session}
        {name: basic, realm: thehive}
        {name: local}
        {name: key}
            name: oauth2
            clientId: "<CLIENT_ID>"
            clientSecret: "<CLIENT_SECRET>"
            redirectUri: "<THEHIVE_URL>/api/ssoLogin"
            responseType: "code"
            grantType: "authorization_code"
            authorizationUrl: "<PUBLIC_SEACAT_AUTH_API_URL>/openidconnect/authorize"
            authorizationHeader: "Bearer"
            tokenUrl: "<INTERNAL_SEACAT_AUTH_API_URL>/openidconnect/token"
            userUrl: "<INTERNAL_SEACAT_AUTH_API_URL>/openidconnect/userinfo"
            scope: ["openid"]
            userIdField: "email"

user.autoCreateOnSso: true
  • <CLIENT_ID> and <CLIENT_SECRET> is the OAuth2 Client credentials issued to you by SeaCat Auth.
  • <THEHIVE_URL> is the public URL where The Hive is available.
  • <PUBLIC_SEACAT_AUTH_API_URL> is the public (accessible from the user browser) URL of SeaCat Auth public container.
  • <INTERNAL_SEACAT_AUTH_API_URL> is the internal (accessible from the Hive instance) URL of SeaCat Auth public container.

Further relevant configuration options can be found in The Hive documentation.