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Built-in Metrics¤

Web Requests Metrics¤

ASAB WebService class automatically provides metrics counting web requests. There are 5 metrics quantifying requests to all ASAB endpoints. They use dynamic tags to provide information about the method, path and status of the response.

  • web_requests - Counts requests to ASAB endpoints as events per minute.
  • web_requests_duration - Counts total requests duration to ASAB endpoints per minute.
  • web_requests_duration_min - Counts minimal request duration to ASAB endpoints per minute.
  • web_requests_duration_max - Counts maximum request duration to ASAB endpoints per minute.
  • web_requests_duration_hist - Cumulative histogram counting requests in buckets defined by the request duration.

Web Requests Metrics are switched off by default. Use configuration to allow them. Be aware that both the Web module and Metrics module must be initialized for these metrics.

Configuration example


Native Metrics¤

You can opt out of Native Metrics through configuration by setting native_metrics to false. Default is true.

Configuration example


Memory Metrics¤

A gauge with the name os.stat gathers information about memory usage by your application.

You can find several metric values there:

  • VmPeak - Peak virtual memory size
  • VmLck - Locked memory size
  • VmPin - Pinned memory size
  • VmHWM - Peak resident set size (\"high water mark\")
  • VmRSS - Resident set size
  • VmData, VmStk, VmExe - Size of data, stack, and text segments
  • VmLib - Shared library code size
  • VmPTE - Page table entries size
  • VmPMD - Size of second-level page tables
  • VmSwap - Swapped-out virtual memory size by anonymous private pages; shmem swap usage is not included

Logs Counter¤

There is a default Counter named logs with values warnings, errors, and critical, counting logs with respective levels. It is a humble tool for application health monitoring.