SeaCat Gateway Command-line Interface

SeaCat Gateway is a server program, designed to be run as a standalone daemon process. As a process, it will create a pool of child processes to handle inbound Client Connections from Applications equipped by SeaCat SDK.


seacatd [ -vhDk ] [ -c FILE ] [ -p FILE ] [ -l FILE ]

General options

-c FILE, –config FILE

Specify file path to configuration FILE.

  • Default is: /etc/seacat.conf.

-v, –verbose

Print more information.

-h, –help

Show help, version of the seacatd binary and the version of integrated OpenSSL library.

-l FILE, –log FILE

Log into FILE instead on standard error stream (stderr). Use syslog as FILE to log to a local syslog.

-D, –daemon

Run as daemon.

-p FILE, –pid-file FILE

Specify the location of a FILE with process id (aka PID file).

-k, –kill-daemon

Kill the SeaCat daemon using PID file (see option -p).

Example of Use

Starting SeaCat gateway as a daemon

``` {.sourceCode .}

seacatd -p /var/run/ -D

### Stopping SeaCat gateway running as a daemon

``` {.sourceCode .}
# seacatd -p /var/run/ -k