Keyote Pairing

After you’ve installed both the Keyote mobile app and the Keyote desktop app, it’s time to pair the Keyote mobile app with your computer. The pairing is an important process that ensures a safe and private link between your devices. For the best pairing experience, make sure that your mobile phone and a computer with Keyote are on the same trusted Wi-Fi network, and start Keyote application on both of them.

  1. The pairing process is started on the mobile phone.
    Go to the “Pairings” tab and press “Add pairing” button.

  2. Your computer will appear in the list.
    Select your computer from that list.

  3. The pairing screen will pop up on a mobile phone and a computer.

  4. Accept the pairing on your computer by pressing the “Accept” button.

  5. Then confirm the pairing by a fingerprint, Face ID or PIN on your mobile phone.

Now a pairing is completed, and Keyote is ready for use.