Create a API key

The API Key identifies your mobile application and link it to your product registered in The API key consists of two parts. Secret API Key and API Key ID. Secret API Key is a non-public, sensitive information and you have to keep it in the secret. The Secret API Key is not stored at web portal. API Key ID is a public information. The API Key is used for SDK and for the Display.

1. Login or register to is a web application where you manage your connected clients and API keys. You also display a remote screens of your mobile apps on this portal. You will first need to register at If you already have a login at, please sign in.

2. Navigate to API keys

Go to a dropdown menu at the upper right corner of the screen and click API Keys. API Key Menu item

3. Generate a new API Key

Click New API Key, fill a name of your API Key (e.g. ‘ API Key’), click Create Create API Key dialog

4. Copy and save the API key

The API key is to be kept PRIVATE! You can store it to your backend configuration file. API Key dialog

5. Close the dialog

Hit ‘Close’ button to dismiss the dialog. The API Key is now active.