Welcome to CatVision.io manual

CatVision.io is a product that provides an easy and secure remote access to a screen of your mobile application aka the screen share and/or a remote control of the mobile application.

Users of a mobile application equipped by CatVision.io can get a real-time online support without being asked what is currently on their screen. An application can be used remotely without a person to be physically present at the hardware that the application runs on. For example, this can be very useful in use with room control tablets or Android IoT devices.

Customer or technical support uses a web browser to display a shared screen of the mobile device and control the app remotely. They can use the CatVision.io web portal or a CatVision.io Display integrated to their common tools such as CRM.

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CatVision.io App

Now you can try CatVision.io SDK for Android before actual implementation, already SDK-equipped app is available on Google Play.

Quick Start

Here is a step-by-step guidelines that gets you quickly up to speed with CatVision.io:

  1. Get an CatVision.io API key
  2. Add CatVision.io SDK into your Android app or iOS app
  3. Add CatVision.io Display into your web application (optionally)


If you have any question or trouble, please chat with our support team online or drop us an email at team@catvision.io. We are ready to help you and we typically respond within minutes.

Product of TeskaLabs

CatVision.io is a product of TeskaLabs.